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The internet is a fantastic resource! You can’t leave it in your locker or at home and you can use it any where and at any time of the day. If you just know where to look you will find a hundreds of sites that will help you no end when your studying be it for small class tests or your big state exams! We have picked out the most useful site and listed them here for you to use and enjoy!

English Links

Spark Notes

This site offers you all the Notes you could need when studying English Literature. You will find the Chapter Summaries and Analysis, Character Profiles and notes on Themes, Motifs and Symbols on pretty much any novel or Shakespearean play.


Cliff Notes

This site is very like the Spark Notes Site and offers notes on plays and novels from Animal Farm to Macbeth!  


This site is brilliant for secondary school students. It has homework notes, interactive lessons and breaks down exam paper layouts and timing schemes in all major subjects.


Past Exam Papers and Marking Schemes

If you are doing a state exam this year you will need plenty of practice doing past exam papers. You were probably told to buy a copy of past papers with your school book list but if you weren’t, if your copy is out of date or if your dog ate it you can find all the past exams with their marking schemes on the below site.


The Internet in Irish

These are the best websites on the Internet in Irish.

A wonderful online dictionary with more than 270,000 Irish terms.


Another online dictionary picture-23

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