Your Back to School Plan

The first few weeks of school are the perfect time to get rid of those bad habits and start afresh. Here is a list of little things you could do that will make a big difference both at school and at home when doing your homework and studying. Use these as goals and set yourself two or three goals every week. You will notice that bit by bit your work will improve and soon you will start to do better in tests! Good Luck!

My Goals Checklist

I will listen in class.
I will learn how to make better notes.
I will actively take part in classroom discussions.
I will look over the chapter before it’s done in class.
I will review the chapter and notes before doing homework.
I will ask questions when I don’t understand.
I will make sure I take homework down correctly.
I will study for a test two or three days in advance.
The night before a test I will ask someone to help me study.
I will Sit beside someone else for a change!
I will Hand homework in on time.
I will always check and read over work before I hand it in.
I will ask a friend for help, and help my friends when they need me.
I will always make an effort.
I will be positive and smile more often!

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